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The creation of the Central Suffolk Operations Group (CSOG) appears to have its origin sometime in 2010 in the back room of the “Three Guys Hobby” store located in Smithtown, N.Y., Betty Michaels, proprietor. Three model railroad owners ( Howard Dwyer, Ron Engel and Ward Ruland) who frequented the store Saturday mornings decided to share there layouts and ideas which eventually led to the creation of an operations group. In the search for other modelers and operators the group grew to include John Jaklitsh, Mike Ryan, John Feraca, Bob Bochicchio, Jeff Brody, Byron Lane, Steven Dwyer, Joe Gregory, Mike Ryan Jr, Carl Rotolo and Dave Barraza.

Operations consist of moving coal trains, switching yards and industries, and running freight and passenger trains. A typical session keeps six to eight operators busy for two to three hours. With each member bringing his expertise in the hobby of Model Railroading, the individual members home layouts have benefited by having operating session on their railroads with minimal disruptions.  Visit our Operations Page for more photos and information: Click Here

Top Image: Burlington 060 crossing the trestle bridge on Ron Engle " Great Northern Railroad"



Howard Dwyer and Jeff Brody working on the Jerome Central Railroad as yard master and assistant yard master at the Jerome Rail yard.


Part of the Operations team hard at work on the Stone Canyon Railroad.


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Operators in image (L to R): Mike Ryan, Ron Engel, Jeff Brody, John Jaklitsch, Byron Lane, Mike Jr, Howard Dwyer.


Ron Engel and Ward Ruland working out a Switching Maneuver on the Stone Canyon Railroad.



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