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" Jerome central Railroad

The Jerome Central Railroad is an operational layout based loosely on copper mining in Arizona off the Pea-Vine line of the A.T.S.F.. The Pea-vine is a 209-mile line running from Williams Junction in the north to Phoenix in the south. It is part of the Fourth District of the Albuquerque Division. The copper mining town of Jerome is located to the east of the Pea-vine in real life. The layout is point to point, with a 5 track Santa Fe hidden staging yard, a 4 track Rio Grand hidden staging yard and a 1 track Drake staging yard. There are seven towns along the main line and one town on a branch line. It occupies two rooms and is approximately 10' X 63'. The railroad has four copper mining tunnels and four active tipples. We also have a coal mine running off the main line. We run with 6 regular road Engineers, 1 yard Engineer(Yard Master) and a dispatcher. Other jobs include a second yard engineer, freeing up some of the Yard Master/engineer work, a conductor for the 6 engineers, and a south room tower-man. The J.C.R.R. is operated as if it was some time around 1970. By this time the A.T.S.F has become a 50/50 partner with the Jerome Central Rail Road and the D&RGW has bought trackage rights to the east end towns of the railroad. Basic scenery is about 65% complete and is constantly being worked on. Most of the members of the Central Suffolk Operating Group have contributed in some way to the buildings and or scenery. Howard Dwyer contributed a year of his life to making the second rooms' scenery and buildings, including a wooden tressel.. 


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