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 The New York & Atlantic Model Railroad focuses on the operations of freight hauling via the  New York & Atlantic Railway over the Long Island Railroad. This is a “modern era” layout set in the time period from1997 to 2017, the beginning of the NY&A contract with LIRR to just before the addition of the second main line track from Farmingdale to Ronkonkoma. No LIRR layout would be complete without heavy commuter passenger operations, and this layout is no exception to the rule and includes them. There is something for everyone, from those who would like to enjoy running passenger trains to those that find freight switching puzzles engaging. There are even two Train Director Positions, “Jay” and “Divide”, who work together to ensure that the general mayhem is kept under some modicum of control. The layout is still actively under construction, with present operations spanning from Long Island City in the west to Ronkonkoma to the East. The town of Riverhead is also operational. Not everything is represented in between these points, but as of now the layout includes the areas of: Long Island City, Wheelspur, Blissville, Fresh Pond, Jamaica, Queens interlocking, Westbury-Hicksville, Farmingdale, Farm DEF, PC Richard (Astro), Deer Park, Pine Aire,Ronkonkoma and Riverhead. Commodities transported include tons and tons of lumber and forest products, as well as ,  produce, food oils, municipal solid waste and construction debris. There is also a dedicated Aggregates “Stone Extra Train” as well as the “Muck Train” hauling tunnel excavation debris.



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