John Jaklitsh
" North Shore Division

 While John's North Shore Division is purely fictional, the genuine feel of his modeling derives from the fact that his two major destinations, Hunterspoint in Queens, and Oyster Bay in Nassau County, really do exist. Hunterspoint was (and still is) a major commuting station on the LIRR, but it is also the place where eastbound trains would pass through en route to the sleepy branchline that terminated in Oyster Bay. There, they could be shuttled and prepared for their westbound run to NYC the following day.The layout started as a 4'x 8', growing into its present 10'x15' L-shaped dimensions. Nestled into a comer, the railroad was built on casters, allowing it be rolled away from the walls for cleaning purposes. Construction is standard L-girder and 3/4" plywood bench work. Ceiling-mounted track lighting combines with a hand-painted background, constructed with coved corners, to give John's efforts the look of a professional diorama.


  • 2-10-2 and Caboose
  • Evergreen Branch
  • Fresh Pond Icing station
  • K4 4-6-2 downgrade into Fresh Pond
  • NYNH 2-8-2 in Fresh Pond
  • Willoughby Siding
  • Willoughby unloading

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