John Feraca's
" Stone Canyon Railroad

The Stone Canyon Railroad is a fully operational layout based in the 1950's steam/diesel transition era. UP and ATSF are the predominate roads. Locale is western US. The Stone Canyon RR runs steam as large as 4-8-8-4 Big Boys along with E and F units for UP, Santa Fe and Southern Pacific passenger operation. Switching opportunities include a coal mine, 26 different industries, five towns, large freight yard and a full service steam engine facility that includes a 130 ft. turntable and 12 stall round house.  The layout also includes a fully lighted city scene. The mainline is 200' double track closed loop. There is approx. 120' of hidden staging. Overall layout size is 25' x 39'. Scenery is 100% complete. Operating positions include; Dispatcher, Yardmaster, Hostler, Engineer and Conductor. Four to nine operators can run a typical 3 hour session. The layout has participated in both IslandOps 2014 and 2015. Anyone who enjoys operating big steam and passenger trains running through mountainous scenery and industrial switching will enjoy this layout. 


  • DSC02164
  • Red River station
  • Superchief
  • 4020 Bigboy
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  • DSC02691
  • DSC02793
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  • DSC03525
  • DSC03532
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  • 0112152206a
  • 0627151309
  • Big Boy
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